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Welcome to THE CHURCH IS BROKEN podcast.


Join Samuel Neider, a former pastor, on his journey of enlightenment as he shares his story of walking through darkness and despair to lay hold of the LIGHT that he could not find in 30 years of seeking, searching, and serving in the church.


Samuel exposes why the church is broken and how the misaimed, man-made system fails at bringing light into the world and at producing transformation in the lives of the believers.


Samuel will empower you, the listener, with the good news of living the KINGDOM LIFE, based on the TRUTH of what Jesus really taught and commissioned us to do - the TRUTH that has been veiled by the broken system of the church.


To dialogue with Samuel directly go to The Church is Broken Facebook page.

Feb 25, 2019

DIVINITY is within us all, but many people wander through life and never access this POWER inside.  When we’re truly in tune with GOD in our HEART, we enter into a state of FLOW - a state where things seem effortless and CREATION ushers forth from us without struggle. In this state of FLOW we discover what it means to...

Feb 18, 2019

As a man there is no greater source of POWER than when your relationship with your wife is aligned and in harmony.  And there is also no greater source of PARALYSIS when it is not.  This is because we are ONE with our spouse - a SPIRITUAL UNION created through the physical act of being "joined" to one another.  The...

Feb 11, 2019

We all have FEARS.  Many of them reside in our subconscious based on past experiences that we may be completely unaware of.  In order to conquer our fears and move into a new POSSIBILITY, we must first NAME them.  Once we name them and begin to FACE them, we begin a deep dive into the PIT of our soul.  It is in the PIT...

Feb 4, 2019

WHO are you allowing to TEACH your children spiritually and WHAT are they teaching them?  As parents we must understand that what our children learn about God and the Bible at a young age will have a significant IMPACT on their SPIRITUAL GROWTH throughout their life.  I want my kids to learn the stories of the Bible,...