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Welcome to THE CHURCH IS BROKEN podcast.


Join Samuel Neider, a former pastor, on his journey of enlightenment as he shares his story of walking through darkness and despair to lay hold of the LIGHT that he could not find in 30 years of seeking, searching, and serving in the church.


Samuel exposes why the church is broken and how the misaimed, man-made system fails at bringing light into the world and at producing transformation in the lives of the believers.


Samuel will empower you, the listener, with the good news of living the KINGDOM LIFE, based on the TRUTH of what Jesus really taught and commissioned us to do - the TRUTH that has been veiled by the broken system of the church.


To dialogue with Samuel directly go to The Church is Broken Facebook page.

Mar 25, 2019

The RV saga continues as I go to finalize the purchase and pick up my brand new RV trailer home. Everything looked beautiful on the outside, but then I discovered a problem “under the hood” as I looked under the trailer chassis and saw that it was covered with surface rust and corrosion. Find out what I decided to...

Mar 18, 2019

The pain, the darkness, the process... This week I entered into one of the most profound experiences of my life to date. Walk with me through my pit, all the way into the darkness, to a taproot of pain, and witness the power and beauty that I found as my son freed me from a generational cycle in my family as he showed...

Mar 11, 2019

The process of growth and becoming is painful. Think about a seed cracking open to grow, or a baby being born. Nothing about the process is warm and fuzzy. In this episode I’m going to bring you into my pain and darkness – not after I have passed through it and have a great story to tell – but right in the middle...

Mar 4, 2019

Sometimes the Voice in our heart tells us to do things beyond logic – things that make no sense whatsoever. In this episode, find out the latest leap of faith the VOICE lead me to take, the FLOW that ensued between my wife and me, and the DECISION we made together that will change the TRAJECTORY of our family’s...